There is no better way to thank God for our eyesight than by sharing them with someone who lives in the dark.

With a mission to eliminate Corneal Blindness in India, Anand Ashram has launched ‘Netradan’ program in the year 2014.

Netradan got launched through the hands of Ms. Tejal Amin – Educationist & Reformist. Ms. Tejal has gone on record of being the First Donor who pledged her Eyes for Donation, setting an example for others to follow.

Netradan is the brain child of our volunteer Mr. Harsh T. Shah. So far, Anand Ashram has registered more than 6000 donors who have pledged their eyes for donation.

It is satisfying to note that we keep getting several calls for Eye Donation from kind hearted relatives of those who have just passed away.

Elmex Eye Bank at Medical Care Centre Trust are the Official Partners of Anand Ashram’s Netradan program.

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